Thankful to be blessed

30 Years, Easy to say.. But when I started rolling my memories back I wonder…HOW WONDERFUL LIFE IS

Kids first and So many things of mine have less importance and Left it to the last Minute  – What a Big change in my life.. all my priorities have been set aside and the children takes the first place in life. 30 years.. How much have changed..

Well, I was 4 years old… 30 years before. Writing this, Gives a big smile on my face. I was ofcourse a Cute, little, chubby, cheeky monkey to my wonderful mum.

Had no pictures taken until I was 4.. Dad’s Family had a custom of not taking any pictures of the children until they are 4 .. Something to do with the lifespan of the child.So many days, I have felt sorry for it…. still haven’t said a word about it to Dad..He loves me so much and its a shame hurting him for such a Small thing.

So, Got my  first picture taken in my school – nursery – A Shaved Head with sun shining right on the head 🙂 One of my first and foremost memories. All the photos are at Mum’s place and never thought I would need them until I started writing this Blog.

Kellogs K reminds me to scan those photos and keep a copy with me. Thank you Kellogs K for keeping me on the toes.

A small town, with a handful of people is where I was born and brought up. Everyone knows everyone in that small town, Not like our busy lives now. Always had friends to play around. I was the only child for parents and never felt so. The End of Day school Day bell was always a Rhythm to the heart and mind. Had fun all the evening and Let mum have all the tension of getting me inside the home for dinner. I could still remember Mum’s !!!!! face when she saw me out playing until it was dinner time.

NOW, MY TIME …. Everything changed, I took the role of My Mum, – Morning school run, Baby Play time, Breasfast, Lunch, dinner, Messy House, Toys Everywhere, Stopping the baby from eating shoes, Learning to have baby Talk googoo gaga…. Preschoolers homework, – Where is me !?

Change is the only permanent thing in the life. Heard someone saying it.  How true it is. We all change and learnt to live the life through changes. When I sit back, relax and think about the past… I feel, How wonderful life was… BUT the very next moment, I close my eyes and think of the present … Yet feeling .. “How wonderful the life IS”

I am living my life through my children. They are everything for me now. I know I forgot the method of putting a perfect makeup, having a lovely time on the sofa sipping a coffee, Spending hours in front of the wardrobe.. thinking what to wear…… All of them changed, they are all taking a break for sometime. Now it is time for having a Little princess party, build up a castle, Lego fun rides …

BUT, sure .. this will again change.

Oh Yes, I need to mention about how Kellogs K has changed. Never, ever was a fan of Kellogs K… Hubby was always behind it to keep his weight on control and sometimes has to have it for breakfast when there are no other options. I really hated those soggy cereals in the milk.

ONEDAY…………BOOM….. Hubby bought a New pack of Kellogs K – 3 Grains.. and as usual had to try when I ran out of my own favourite – Rice Krispies….

Wow…..First mouth..Hmm.. Not bad, let me have some more .. and in less than 3 minutes the bowl was emptied but i could not stop me eating more. It is definitely delicious, fulfilling and Bet, even if you have no time to enhoy your cereal in the morning, You will still enjoy Kellogs K New flavour. Hats off Kellogs K for the New wonderful change of Yours. Sure, You are improving.

this is an entry for the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge”-